Banking reform

I just got my credit card bill and I am still wondering how they could have been more cynical. The new bill says, at the very top, in big type on a bold black background, We're continuing to make your statement clearer than ever. It then goes on to say that I'll see an estimate of how long it will take to pay off your current statement balance if you only make the minimum payment on each time period. Now that sound very nice of them except that is required by a new law that went into effect last Monday.

Now here is the cynical part – OK, it is all pretty cynical because the banks fought against this law and now they are acting like it is their idea – so here is the most cynical part. My statement came out just before the new law went into effect and it doesn't have the payoff information on it. They are telling me how they are continuing to make my statement better but they are keeping the information off the statement as long as they legally can.

Every once in a while, I'll get in an argument with somebody over how much big government is weighing us down. I think that Capitalism is great – and BTW, when people say Capitalism, they usually mean Entrepreneur-ism – and Capitalism is largely responsible for us having more shit than any other country, but one thing Capitalism will not do is protect us – or our environment. The purpose of business to make money and get bigger. And that is especially true about banks. 

To NOT pass bank reform is nutty except that banks spend billions to get Congress NOT to pass a bill. Check this out and call your Senator.


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