It’s a small world

At the Auto Show, everybody had  huge video displays with overwhelmingly loud soundtracks. Almost all of them based on African music (or, more accurately, African music as developed by African slaves brought to the United States and then perfected by African-Americans as freed men and women. Rock. Jazz. Rap.) African music is now World Music – the music played at a Auto Show in China or a concert in England.

All business transactions, in China, in the US, everywhere, involve the numbering system based on the Hindu positional, numeral system developed in India about a thousand years ago.


Because, in the world today, the most powerful answers become the most dominant answers. It really is becoming a small world.

I write this after watching Jenson Button winning his third F1 victory in the Bahrain Grand Prix. Michele and I watched the race in a sports bar, The Big Bamboo, in the West Nanjing Road area of Shanghai broadcast on a English language feed from Malaysia. Michele drank a couple of Scotches (neat) and I drank a couple of glasses of red wine from Chile – Michele had a hamburger and I had a Ruben sandwich. The world is small and life can be very sweet.

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