Clinton vs. Sanders

sandersSanders pumped his fist and smiled broadly. “That’s being human,” he said. “If you see stuff that is bad and you don’t respond with – what did King call it? – ‘the urgency of the moment,’ then you are not alive.” Last line of a complementary  article in Bloomberg Busunessweek titled Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Want Your Vote.   

Michele and I watched the last two-thirds of The Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders debate and it occurred to me that I agreed with every answer that Bernie gave and I agreed with much less of what Clinton said. A typical example was when they were asked if they supported Capital Punishment. Clinton said, “I do for very limited, particularly heinous crimes believe it is an appropriate punishment” and Sanders said “in a world of so much violence and killing, I just don’t believe that government itself should be part of the killing.”


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