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Michele pointed this out to me in this morning’s Portola Valley Forum, an interactive email group.

Mon Mar 2, 2015 5:11 pm (PST) . Posted by:

Pxxxxx Bxxxxxxxx

Hi PVForum,

My rats and I were more or less cheerfully co-habitating, but today they
went too far when they ate the Ethernet cable that enables me to listen to
Pandora. I’m angry, really angry. I need not only an exterminator but
someone who can find and block the point(s) of entry. Finding the point(s)
of entry will require exploration in two crawl spaces-by someone small and
nimble, as the crawl spaces have less than a foot of clearance in several
key places. Recommendations would be very much appreciated. Thanks!


So far all the answers have said Don’t use poison, it will hurt the other wildlife and the local cats and dogs. It is kind of neat having a local community bulletin-board even though a good portion of the comments are complaints about airplane noise – from San Francisco Airport about twenty miles away – and people driving too fast.

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