Watching the Golden Globes, thinking about the ads

Globes Winners 2014Watching the Golden Globes last night, with all the glittering stars, what I most remember is the Bing Ad. For some reason, I have decided that am a Google guy and Microsoft, in general, sort of bugs me. Maybe it is because, when they ruled the world, Microsoft quit innovating. Maybe it is because they were never an innovator to start with, just a company built around making money off of other people’s ideas.

There were so many good movies this year that I wasn’t particularly rooting for anybody. I had my favorites, but it is impossible to argue that the winner weren’t terrific. I haven’t seen The Wolf of Wall Street and have no idea if Leonardo DiCaprio should have won for best actor, but both 12 Years a Slave and American Hustle both winning for best picture, was great. Woody Allen got an award he deserved and didn’t ruin it by showing up, and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were funny for the second year in a row. But all that is a blur the next morning and I still remember the Bing Ad and the Apple Ad. They are both well worth watching.

3 thoughts on “Watching the Golden Globes, thinking about the ads

  1. Steve,

    I watched some the show while out but missed the ads. The Bing ad actually brought me close to tears, the Apple ad didn’t, though I could understand and feel the power of the words. The difference – MS is just getting me to use their search engine, and Apple is trying to me to buy a $400- $500 product through which I can then enjoy the beauty of the world.



    1. Laura, what is a higher cost. A $500.00 for product or the free use of our marketing and in some cases personal information…for free. I purchased a 7 inch Samsung for a work project. I though I might like to check facebook once in a while. The facebook app Samsung provides with the tablet will not open unless to give full and free access to any and all information loaded on that device. I decided to pass. Every company out there wants a piece of our dollar and they should. That is how they stay in business. It is up to us to say what we are willing to give away.

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