Fatted Calf Lamb Thai Curry with asparagus and tomatoes

Whenever I go to Napa, I try to stop by the Fatted Calf and pick something up. Anything. This time, it was a about 11am, so I was thinking about lunch for Steve and me when I got home.

I knew we were not having dinner at home that night, or the next, or maybe the next,  so I wasn’t thinking about more than sandwiches, but then thought again after I walked in the door. First “oh, smoked pork chop, that’ll keep” then oh, lamp stew meat. Yes!! It is shrinked wrapped, that’ll be great in a few days.

What I have done in the past with Fatted Calf Lamb Stew meat is to make Thai Pumpkin Curry. But this is May. Pumpkin –  not in season. But asparagus it. Asparagus and Lamb – YES! And every restaurant I have eaten in in Napa this week was featuring cherry tomatoes. That’ll work.

Spring Fatted Calf Lamb Curry



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