Meanwhile, back at Ed Dieden and my trip to Las Vegas for Ed’s Vietnam Marine unit’s reunion, we were camped in Mojave National Preserve. We spent a second night at a campsite marked by a preexisting fire ring and some nice stone chairs. I am not a fan of preexisting camp sites, the heavy use usually results in a dirtier site and the food scraps attracts rodents – which, in my imagination, at least, attracts snakes (not that I have ever seen a snake at a campsite) – but this was a nice site among exfoliating granite boulders. We got up, skipped breakfast – no stove – and after a short drive down a dirt road, breakfast at the Mad Greek’s in Baker, and a long drive down a paved road, we got to Vegas.

Once we were there, after showering and shaving, Ed went to the Hospitality Room for his Marine reunion and I was free to roam around Las Vegas searching for the Magic.

I still had my no prime lens problem, so I planned to wander around with a 70~200 tele-zoom for some details and then go back to the truck and switch to a 17~40 wide-angle-zoom and shoot some street scenes. It didn’t work out that way,

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