This changing world – Korea edition

This weekend was the Korean Gran Prix, the country’s second Formula 1 race. When I was in Korea, in 63 and 64, it was a very different country.   I was on a Tac Site about two hours down a dirt road. When I tried to find it on Google Earth, I couldn’t, but I did notice a six lane freeway nearby. In those days, driving down a road, we often saw Korean women walking by the side of the road; we irreverently called them Mamasans.  The san being a diminutive stolen from the Japanese.

Anyway, in a thoughtful homage to male chauvinistic piggism, every F1 race has a group of women called Grid Girls. They stand at the grid position with the number of the car that will start from that position. Interestingly enough, they are no longer Mamasans.



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