Yangshuo Day 5

Today was going to be a nice, slow, layover day and it turned out to be sort of a resort high activity day. This whole area is sort of like a resort with all kinds of supervised activities. We started out going to cooking school which started out with a trip to the local market. I think for shock value as much as anything. And the market is sort of shocking – it is like a giant, very diverse, farmers market. The quality of the food looks great (although I am not much of a judge on what high quality dog meat looks like). Anything you can think of is for sale here (or, at least, anything I can think of).


From fresh water eels to eggplants,


chickens, rabbits, and doves.


Then it was off to a village out of town where we watch a demo


and cooked our own lunch 


and ate it outside with a view that is becoming normal.


One thought on “Yangshuo Day 5

  1. Your trip is fascinating. What a great trip to do together. The market seems like another world as does the landscape. We’re loving seeing a slice of it. Paula

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