Hong Kong – Day 3

I started the day with a walk around Kowloon while Michele worked. I picked up a latte for Michele, a tea for me (note the handy carrying gizmo they gave me), and what can be loosely called a couple of breakfast ham sandwiches.


Then we set out on our daily quest to find the ferry to Guangzhou – we really are going to take the train.

Lunch at an Italian place where both of us had the seafood fettuccine. It was OK, not great, but we got served in a hurry so we could take in a Korean movie at the 33RD HK International Film Festival. The movie was billed as a Oriental Western and called The Good, The Bad, The Weird and it was all three. Very, very, violent and, at the end, the crowd applauded heartily. When we walked out of the cultural centre, the light over the harbor was gorgeous.


More exploring and marveling at the glass buildings and the reflections:


For me, it was more van envy:


And for both of us, up our favorite escalator to a Thai restaurant that was great. Thai won ton lemon grass soup, mango salad, and shrimp (whole including the heads) peanut curry.

Then the subway back to the hotel.


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