Home home at last

It has been a great trip and we are glad to be home. Seeing blue sky – real blue – for the first time in weeks is great. And, on the way home, we picked up a Robert's roast chicken and potato salad. Oh boy!


3 thoughts on “Home home at last

  1. Welcome Home! It all seems so fast to me! This morning (for me, reading the blog after not checking in for a day) you were still galavanting around Shanghai. Now you are at Roberts! Whitman and Wednesday are looking forward to hearing from Spike about his adventures while you were away. Keep us posted!

  2. Well hopefully you have both had a good night’s sleep, although I imagine you are still whirling from everything you have seen and experienced. I have copied a few of your pics (from Yangshou) for wall paper on my computer (landscapes, of course). I really appreciated your theories (barnacles), advice (buying fake watches) and amusing comments (food analogies and probing bike seats). Thank you both VERY much for sharing this great experience. I expect a full debriefing over some good ol’ fashioned american sushi in the near future!

  3. Welcome home dear ones – Big yum on the roast chicken and potato salad. When P’s niece and her husband were home over the holidays after living in Beijing for a year, they too requested roast chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs – no Chinese food under any circumstances!

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