Big day

Michele spent the morning working. That in itself amazes me. We are in China and Michele is working in California.

Then we moved to a small village near Yangshuo. (Where I am sitting, drinking a cappuccino, and typing this [hunt and peck method] while chickens are foraging [also hunt and peck method] in the front of our guest house.)

In the late afternoon, we took a balloon ride.







This landscape is astounding, delightful, unbelievable and the balloon ride was one of those rare treats that was as good as we had hoped it would be. Right up there with David or the Taj Mahal.

At the end the day, we had dinner on a rooftop Italian restaurant with a view of Moon Hill, listening to Frank Sinatra.

3 thoughts on “Big day

  1. Great series of photos – And I love the juxtaposition of the post on the wonders of the new internet and the joy that can rise from a technology as old as ballooning (and then have that joy shared by the technologies of photography and the internet). Are there lots of quaint little italian restaurants? Amazing menu.

  2. Wow! The balloons popping up in what is already such a storybook landscape added such a surreal animation to it all! What a perfect way to visit the area and see the innumerable karst formations! Love the shot of the sun’s reflections off the rice patties below! (and I thought they were beautiful and impressive when my mom and I drove through them a fews years back…)
    Too bad Michelle had to work while over in China, but with current US employment statistics, one can view that under a new light 🙂
    Hope you break out of the Italian food joints for some traditional Chinese food, and don’t pass up the duck head appetizers! (like chicken wings, just with a different foul and parts)

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