San Angelo TX: Mile 5342.6

From Fredericksburg TX to San Angelo TX is about two and a half hours through country that is getting increasingly dry and increasingly flat (although we did cross the Pecos River which did have lots of water). Every couple of 50 miles, or so, we would pass through a small town, some were destitute, and some were prospering; driving through at 50 mph, there was no way to tell why, either way.  As an aside, the speed laws in Texas, are higher than any place I have ever been, the speed limit is often 75 on a two-lane road and 50 through small towns. End aside.
By the time we reached San Angelo, it was almost dark. We checked into our hotel and then went into the old section of town for dinner at the Angry Cactus where we had the excellent Smoked Meatloaf. 

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