Democrat Doug Jones just won the U.S. Senate seat in ALABAMA!! Headline

I will defend a woman’s right to choose and stand with Planned Parenthood. On the front page of Doug Jones’ Website. 

I’m thrilled and a little surprised that Doug Jones won. Still, I must admit that, up until today, I really didn’t know what he stood for, although I donated to his campaign, so my vote was really against Roy Moore who has seemed despicable to me ever since I read about his putting the Ten Commandments in front of the Alabama Supreme Courthouse. Well, really a copy of the Commandments because, to state the obvious, the original no longer exists; and really, only his interpretation of what they said, if they even ever existed, because that is the way with religion, everybody has their own interpretation of somebody else’s interpretation from more than a thousand years ago.

Increasingly, in the magazines, papers, and websites, that I read, Roy Moore has been painted as evil. From the quotes I’ve read and the clips I’ve seen of him and his wife, Moore seems to have gone out of his way to reinforce that picture of evil. It is only slightly tempered by what seems as monumental cluelessness and cultural myopia. He doesn’t even try to sound reasonable. Yet, he almost won and that is surprising. I’m not ready to chalk it up to only racism or abortion rights, or, even, homophobia although I am sure all were contributing factors.       

I have no idea how many people voted for Doug Jones rather than against Roy Moore, most I hope. However, if most did, I didn’t. Going to Doug Jones’ Website before I donated money, I went to the Priorities Section which seems to be written as innocuously as possible. Jones says I will bring integrity back to Washington but that is close to meaningless (and, in my opinion, isn’t going to happen soon). On Healthcare, Jones does say Health care {sic} is a right, not a privilege and Coverage must meet basic standards that protect individuals and No woman should be denied coverage of services based on the religious beliefs of her employer and We need more robust Medicaid funding. There is no mention of ObamaCare or Single Payer although religious beliefs of her employer is probably an oblique reference to abortion rights and Medicaid is a Federal Government program.

Now, when I went back to the Website, which I very much doubt has changed since the election, the front page says:

    • Everyone has the right to quality, affordable health care.
    • I will defend a woman’s right to choose and stand with Planned Parenthood.
    • All children deserve a first-class education regardless of where they live.
    • College must be affordable without burdening a student with overwhelming debt.
    • I believe in science and will work to slow or reverse the impact of climate change.
    • It is past time we raise the minimum wage to a livable wage.
    • Women must be paid an equal wage for equal work at all levels.
    • Voter suppression is unAmerican – we must protect voting rights.

While this isn’t Bernie Sanders territory, it is closer to Sanders than Clinton and has made me feel even better about Jones’ win. 

2 thoughts on “Democrat Doug Jones just won the U.S. Senate seat in ALABAMA!! Headline

  1. Not sure how those principles are closer to Sanders than Clinton, since she supported literally every one of them. Sanders did too, of course.

    1. That’s a good point, Peter, and rereading the post, I would have said that differently. I was thinking of the First Bernie/Hillary Debate Hillary when she was more of a centrist than the later Hillary that ran against Trump.

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