Dataw Island on the coast of South Carolina Mile 3235.6

Our drive to Dataw Island started with a long drive through Georgia. We got on the Freeway in Chattanooga and drove about two miles to George where we stopped to get gas. Then ran almost all the way Dataw Island in a sort of tunnel formed by trees on both sides of the road relieved only by a stop at the High Museum to get lunch and a surprisingly nice rest stop to, uhh, rest. Shortly after crossing the Georgia/South Carolina border, we reached Dataw Island, had a late dinner at Michele’s cousin’s home, and went to bed. The next morning we woke to a view of the Harbor River, near where it joins the Atlantic. 

9 thoughts on “Dataw Island on the coast of South Carolina Mile 3235.6

  1. Dataw…you are in my country, the low country. I do hope you really enjoy the land and the people and the climate.



    1. So far, I love the land – we saw our first swamp, in Port Royal – the people are super nice, and the climate is debilitating. Walking outside from an A/Ced house into 91° and drizzling rain is a shock, every time.

    1. Thanks, Gail, I like that the map is different but the country is the same. I think that the trees were left on purpose as a buffer (an unneeded buffer in my opinion).

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