A thought on getting a new camera

Yosemite-00079I got a new camera the other day and I am having a harder time, than I expected, adjusting to it; physically, mentally, and, most surprisingly, emotionally. Physically, the camera is much smaller than my antique Canon 5D – which is why I bought it in the first place- and there is not as much real estate on which to put dials so it takes two steps to get to many things I want, like exposure compensation, and my fingers don’t fall on the dials the way I would like. The zoom ring is manual on both cameras but they zoom by rotating the lens in opposite directions. I know that but I don’t remember it when I am looking through the viewfinder. But all of that fades in comparison to the emotional adjustment. Carrying a full-frame SLR around, especially with a tripod, puts one in the Serious Photographer League. Now there are no more head nods from other Serious Photographers and we pass on the trail in Yosemite. That was unexpected and bothers me more than I liked to admit.

The upside is that it is a way more capable tool.



6 thoughts on “A thought on getting a new camera

  1. I’ve always liked NOT being a serious photographer…just takin’ pictures [still with a little camera, tho]…finally had my last three rolls of slides developed, edited, and put into that last sequential reel [#72 – the story goes back to 1965, always just takin’ pictures, seriously.]. Last image is of the Lumix looking at the computer screen…

    1. Actually, I’d pretty much given up on being a Serious Photographer years ago, but I now know that I hadn’t given up on looking like one. My Korean pictures were taken in 1663 and I’ve been pretty much taking pictures ever since. Now I’m trying to get rid of the carousels and get the slides into smaller boxes.

  2. I am unclear on a few details, though your post brings to mind your wonderful wedding portrait. Dinner possible before Big Bend?

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