A couple shots of Tulsa OK

When we got up to wander around Tulsa, my camera had a dead battery. I had plugged in the charger cable all night but it didn’t charge the phone. It turns out that the phone has to be sitting at a certain angle for the charger to work – I’m worried that I may have tweaked connectors while charging in the car – so I didn’t take any pictures on our wandering through Tulsa. The pictures after the Union Station and before Michele shaking hands, are all Michele’s. 

Tulsa 9/11 Memorial. The tall building in the background is a 52 story tower designed by Minoru Yamasaki & Associates, the same architect as the original World Trade Center and, at 52 stories, it looks like a 1/2 scale model.

Tulsa Union Station.

Michele and a Tulsa Democratic activist congratulating each other on their mutual good sense.
Tulsa State Fairgrounds Main Pavilion which was featuring “Disney On Ice. Most of the rest of the shots are at the Tulsa State Fair. 
The guys on the left are selling metal outbuildings, the guys are the right are selling barbecues that run on pellets that are feed into the fire by a little electric motor – hey! don’t laugh, Michele has a family friend that has one and swears by it – safes, and gun silences (called suppressors).
There seems to be a much bigger interest in security in this part of the world than I am used to. Part of it is the constant threat of tornadoes.
Tornado Alley Armour, a manufacureer
I like that the tooth guy is right next to Nitro Ice Cream.
A vendor demonstrating how to beautify a cow for an upcoming competition. The comprehensive program includes making the cow’s nose shiny and doing something to improve the hoofs as well as enhancing the coat with paint.  
A family leading – and sometimes pushing – two of the most beautiful cows I have ever seen, to a beauty competition.





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