Deconstructing a joke

JokeWill Taylor posted this a couple of days ago with a comment that said A little simplistic, but pretty much spot on!! Both Michele and I laughed out loud when we first saw it. But we both had some improvements. Who should I vote for bothered me, shouldn’t it be whom because it is the object of for? We tried Whom should I vote for and that didn’t sound right, then For whom should I vote? and we knew we were going in the wrong direction. We ended up both agreeing that the top line should remain unchanged.

Michele wanted to change Are women people? to something dealing with abortion but we both agreed Are women people? covers that and is funnier, so it stayed. And so it went, every line we thought about changing didn’t work as well as the original. In the end, we decided that the joke was best just as it is; no question mark in the title question, Kasich’s name running off the page, the whole thing shot at a slight angle with the binding showing, it is all perfect.

(BTW, the picture has my © on it because I ran it through my Lightroom, but, although I wish it were, this is not my chart.)


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