We started watching the Warriors and ended up watching basketball

I’ve watched a lot more Football than Basketball. I even had season tickets to the Raider’s during the Madden Era. Football is our National Sport and, as a good American, I still kept track of the local teams and, then, the playoff teams. But football has lost much of it’s charm. The violence has started to make me uncomfortable. I know, football has always been violent – I played football in highschool because it seemed obligatory for a kid my size – and I could run fast. although I didn’t particularly like hitting people and I liked getting hit even less – but the players are much bigger and much faster and the violence has amped way up.

Last year, Michele and I caught the end of the Warriors season and we – speaking for me- are falling for basketball. It is intimate and improvisational – two things good football isn’t – and, at times, it approaches ballet. Of course it helps that the Warriors are on a twenty game winning streak.

2 thoughts on “We started watching the Warriors and ended up watching basketball

  1. I’ve always enjoyed basketball, can’t help but be drawn into the action. I like the sounds of the game – the buzzer, squeaking shoes on the court, the thump and swish of the ball. Oh and throw in the parquet floors of the Boston Garden.

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