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Absolute faith corrupts as absolutely as absolute power. Eric Hoffe

Sometime last Saturday, my blog was hacked by ISIS. I found out when I got an email from Malcolm Pearson saying Did you know you’ve been hacked by Islamic State? I am happy to say that Michele was able to unhack it in less than an hour. That is more than pretty good; according to Eldora Speedway, whose website was also hacked by ISIS, it took the Darke County Sheriff, FBI & GoDaddy working together atleast an hour to unlock their website.

Which brings up the question, Why me? Michele says it is probably an automatic hack because I mentioned ISIS in a headline, but why would they hack Eldora Speedway in Darke County, Ohio. And why the Isle of the Wight County,  Virginia, website? or the Sequoia Park Zoo Website? It seems so random and strange and creepy. I feel both, sort of honored in the I don’t care what they say about me just spell my name right way, and creeped out in the Holy shit, these wackos actually kill people way. It drives home that ISIS is basically incomprehensible to me.

Anything I say about ISIS or any group, for that matter, is just my projection. I can’t, really, put myself in the shoes of someone that so believes their answer is god’s command. I can only guess as to why my website was hacked, and all those guesses are only what I would do. Or what I think I would do, or fantasize I would do, but never have.  Anger? I can relate to that. All I have to do is read about the murder of Ahmed Al-Jumaili last Thursday to make me angry. Not angry enough, long enough, to hack a website and chopping somebody’s head off is a huge stretch – obviously, I hope – but I can understand it.

Hate, sure. I’ve felt the corrosive burning of hate. Boredom, absolutely. I volunteered to go to Vietnam in 1965 because I was bored. I would have gone, too, if the Battalion Recruitment Officer hadn’t talked me out of it, telling me that the only job in Vietnam I was qualified for, would be as a door gunner on a Huey, often a short lived assignment. But he did talk me out of it. If he had pushed me, instead, with tales of my saving civilization as we know it, I might have ended up there, killing people (or trying to).

But a voice from heaven? that’s hard for me to relate to. I guess it would be nice to be noticed by god, but I would rather be given a winning Lotto number. Hell, there is also the very real possibility that the the hack might not even be from ISIS (although it did say ISIS is everywhere in a, sort of, homage to Anonymous.

What ever the reason, however it happened, Michele was able to get me unhacked and update my website in the process, so I would like to say No harm, no foul, but it did screw up Michele’s day. She unhacked me in an hour but the rest of the day was consumed with making upgrades and changes.

Thank you very much, Michele!ISIS-0957



5 thoughts on “Hacked by ISIS

  1. Wow….If I get hacked, I will BEG Michelle to help me. She is awesome.
    The hacking is worrisome…..why you? So random! And if they can hack you, they may soon be messing with critical systems that could affect us in sinister ways: Banking, utilities, NORAD etc come to mind.

    The world is a wonderful, diverse place, but it is also hyper-connected thru the web. This can cause one person’s intolerant Middle Age religious beliefs to collide with someone else’s rational modern day life. Unfortunately, the end result will probably be a radicalization of the human race into walled-in fortifications for self-preservation. The question is: can we continue to tolerate others who are hell-bent on destroying us? Does the very existence of the Islamic State and their announced intentions trump our “freedom and liberty for all” way of life?

    1. Kirk, when you ask “can we continue to tolerate others who are hell-bent on destroying us?”, I guess my answer is “We don’t have a choice, there will be nothing left to defend if we become them.” I suspect that they would love to see us lock up our own citizens, that would be a great recruitment tool.

    1. When I was thinking “Holy shit, these wackos actually kill people”, I was thinking about Avijit Roy getting hacked to death.

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