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I got an email invite from Amtrak (I suspect that they only sent out ten million invites). Amtrak announced a writer’s residency program called AmtrakResidency program which seems to be a free round trip AmTrak ticket with the intent to write. I think that the chances of getting a Residency approach zero – a sample winner wrote for The New Yorker – but, that is still infinitely better than the odds if I don’t apply and the applying should be an useful exercise.

But the application has a space for Twitter Handle; a mandatory – must fill in – space. I have to provide my name and address, my email address, a sample of my writing, and my Twitter Handle. I don’t have to provide a Facebook URL, or my blog address, or an Instagram Handle, but a Twitter Handle is essential. It makes me feel old. I know what Twitter is, I know how to physically do it, but I don’t know what the psychic point is.

When I run into something interesting and blog on it, I like to think I have added value. I don’t understand how Tweeting is different from hitting facebook’s like or comment for – say – an article on Fred Phelps. Any comments, instruction, thoughts, or illumination on this would be very much appreciated.

One thought on “Tweeting….help

  1. Hmmm….I suggest talking with Anne Rein, she likes Twitter and I recall she likes “listening”. I’m in the camp of the not-so-impressed, though it does have its application.

    And having a Twitter handle as mandatory is unusual.


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