Trying to ignore Israel and Gaza


I don’t want to read about Israel and Hamas. All it does is upset me ( maybe enrage is a better word). Almost everybody writing or commenting about this cluster fuck has already taken sides anyway – I know I have – and are now putting all their writing and commenting energy into making the other side wrong. This is much easier than trying to make their side right because nobody is really right here. There may be different degrees of wrongness but they are miniscule.

Meanwhile, Israel has killed over 575 Palestinians, over 100 of them children. Still, that isn’t the worst of it, it seems to me; how many mothers are huddled in the dark, worried shitless that their child will be next? how many fathers watch helplessly as their families are terrorised? how many children – not killed – are making vows of vengeance?

2 thoughts on “Trying to ignore Israel and Gaza

  1. I am angry, even enraged, by Israel’s continuing attacks, on schools on hospitals, on children and their unwillingness to authentically negotiate; but, even more, I am deeply shamed by the USA’s continuing support for Israel’s behavior as opposed to everyone else in the international community who sees Israel’s actions as the crimes against humanity that I believe them to be.

  2. I feel pretty much the same way, Paula.

    Vern, I think that the only solution is going to be one state. Look at a map, there is just too much territory for the Israelis to give up and how can Gaza be a viable state?

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