The problem with epiphyllums

Eppie in house-1676

We have a half-dozen or so Epiphyllums in – mostly plastic – pots in the greenhouse. The problem is that they take up alot more space than they should. Way more.

Epiphyllums are cacti that have evolved to live in trees and they have big stems that work like leaves. Maybe twenty years ago, I got several cuttings of various hybrids and they are thriving. They are also unruly, growing every which way in a most unruly manner. The Epippies – as they are known to the cognoscenti, of which I am not one of them – have spectacular flowers. However it turns out that Napa Sunrise and Hawaiian Sunset and Pink Delight and everything else I have – except for one plant with white flowers – are pretty much the same flowers.

Most of the plants are small by themselves, however the oldest  Eppie is large and blooming its little head off and we brought it into the house to admire.

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