Lance Armstrong is a dickish sociopath

I am not a bicycling aficionado and have little  idea how prevalent doping – or juicing which now seems to be the preferred word and, somehow, seems to make it sound both better and worse than doping – is in the bicycling world, and that is not my complaint with Lance Armstrong (Lance Gunderson, before he changed his name which might be a clue). My complaint is the way he attacked everybody who tried to tell the truth. My complaint is that he dragged other people into his world.

Sally Jenkins, a columnist The Washington Post and author of two books with Armstrong, says I think that there’s a level of anger at Lance that is out of proportion to the offence of doping. I think she misses the point. Maybe everybody juiced, but not everybody threatened people who wanted to tell the truth (and Gundrson’s threats were pretty heavy duty). Not everybody coerced other people into juicing. What a dick!


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