Happy Birthday Michele Part II

Napa Winetrain-1-3Michele’s birthday, this year, turned into a season that – sort of – bled into Super Sunday (not so super here on the left coast, however). On the day after Michele’s actual birthday, we went on the Napa WineTrain with Michele’s sister, Claudia, her stepdad, Jim, and her Mom. Like any train ride that doesn’t actually go anywhere, it is more of an  amusement park activity than a ride. In this case, the train runs the mid-Napa Valley from the City of Napa to somewhere near St. Helena at about 15 miles per hour. And then returns at 15 miles per hour. Inside, we tasted wine on the way out and had a very nice lunch on the way back.

From the time we arrive at the departure station, done in a sort of old-timey brothel  station temporary-building-decorated-for-New Years style, every effort is made to make sure we are having a memorable experience.

Napa Winetrain-1-5

And, by and large, they succeed.

Napa Winetrain-1-6

Napa Winetrain-1-13


Napa Winetrain-1-4


Napa Winetrain-1-21

The train goes up the center of the valley and it is a nice way to get a general lay of the land.

Napa Winetrain-1-9

For me it was a way to stake out some buildings that I would like to come back and photograph. The Opus One Winery, for example, which seems to be half buried in an artificial hill and the original Mondavi Winery building designed by Cliff May in 1966 (Cliff May is the designer credited with designing the California Ranch House). For all of us, it was a chance to watch the valley pass by.

Napa Winetrain-1-7

Napa Winetrain-1-11

Napa Winetrain-1-14

This being Napa – the same Napa that is becoming as much about food as wine – we finished the Napa part of the day at the nearby Fatted Calf. The Fatted Calf is an ordinary looking suburban butcher shop – well, maybe not ordinary any more because most butcher shops are in supermarkets and, then, only ordinary looking from the outside – that sells way upscale, organic, pasture raised, meat.

Napa Winetrain-1

Napa Winetrain-1-2

The cost is very high, but Michele sort of works around that by getting stew meat or pork scraps for stir fry. In this case she bought a marinaded pork shoulder for phase III of her birthday season. Then it was home, watching the sunset as we headed south.

Napa Winetrain-1-3

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Michele Part II

  1. It was much more fun than I expected. After hearing about your experience of the Orient Express, I thought this was going to be a phoney baloney, tourist excursion. But it was a very pleasant way to spend time with the family. And the food was actually very good. Perfectly prepared swordfish, with a mango & scallop salsa and baby carrots.

  2. And while it may not have been “memorable” for my mom (because nothing is) as you can see from photo of her above, she did have moments of joy, and I get to have those memories.

  3. These are beautiful pictures– the capture the light and the mood of the trip (I can actually say that without being there). I really like the shot of Michele’s mom.

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