Death Valley Easter Trip 2013: some other Views

Sierras-JR on the Eureka Dunes by Coco Gonzo

Last Saturday, Michele and I joined JR at Gina and Courtney’s house for a spectacular dinner followed by their slide show of our Death Valley Easter Trip. Actually, I should say slides shows because we also saw JR’s shots and Michele’s pictures. The slide shows were about an hundred times more fun than it sounds.

First off everybody’s trip was slightly different, meaning that everybody’s point of view was both literally and figuratively different. I wasn’t where Courtney was to see the shot of JR and, if I had been, I might have been looking somewhere else. I know I was looking somewhere else when Gina was demonstrating how windy it was at the edge of Ubehebe Crater.

Sierras-Gina leaning into the wind by Coco Gonzo

Second, nobody got much in the way of shots of themselves, I didn’t, and it was fun to see pictures of myself (some of them, some were pretty horrifying at how fat I have become).


Sierras-2145Replacing the top radiator hose by JR

Sierras-1050053Steve leaving Red Wall canyon by JR 

While I was fretting over the waning light  as we crossed over the last Chance Range on our way to camp in North death Valley Wash, JR was looking at the great view down onto Crankshaft Junction.

Sierras-2211Looking down at Crankshaft Junction from a pass in the Last Chance Range by JR

He got higher than anybody on the Eureka Dunes and caught the sinuous road leading down to the dunes from the North Death Valley Road.

Sierras-2187From the highest ridge at Eureka Dunes by JR 

And, on his early morning walks,  JR saw and photoed every sunrise and even photoed himself seeing the sunrise.

Sierras-2353JR from Lake Hill, Upper Panamint Valley by JR  

Lastly, this was a special trip and it was fun to re-live it through the eyes of other people who were on the trip.




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