Why Romney can’t beat Obama

Everybody talks about the economy when they are discussing the election and I am sure that the economy is important, but running a good campaign is also important and the Romney campaign doesn’t seem to be able to do that. They booked Tiger stadium in Detroit and 1200 people showed up and from the seating arrangement they seemed to know that not many people would show up. Four years ago, Obama FILLED stadiums. Much smaller stadiums but they were full of energy.

Elections usually come down to GOTV – get out the vote – and that takes energy. Romney is not building it. The Romney rally must have been very depressing to anybody who did show up. Community organization – GOTV – is the Obama specialty.

One thought on “Why Romney can’t beat Obama

  1. The nightmare scenario is that Jeb Bush will ride in at the last minute on a white mysteriously funded horse and sweep the field.
    These guys are too ridiculous to take at face value…



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