Paul Ryan and lying

With a couple of disclaimers like almost everybody exaggerates – I sure have – and nobody remembers everything, I am fascinated by Paul Ryan’s lying. Not so much the lies themselves, but the foolishness of it; the riskiness. It is one thing to say that he ran marathons when he only ran one or to chop some time off that marathon when having a beer with a group of  business associates and an entirely other thing to put it out in front of the entire world.

For starters, part of that entire world includes people who were there and remember. I am very aware of that as I blog. Anything I say here, opens me up to someone saying, Hey! I was there and you never…. To me, it would be incomprehensible to exaggerate to a reporter, even one from, say, the Portola Valley Almanac.  For Paul Ryan, it is almost a guarantee that it will be checked. For Ryan to imply that he has run multiple marathons or that he climbed close to 40 of Colorado’s 14,000 peaks, just seems nuts.

What was he thinking?



2 thoughts on “Paul Ryan and lying

  1. Steve,

    I suspect his ego was swelling to massive proportions, and he was swept by his press from his own brain.

    And I agree, I wouldn’t exaggerate to a reporter, but human behavior never ceases to amaze me. We all have feet of clay but politicians seem to be a bit larger and a bit drier.


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