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Watching the two political conventions, I was impressed by the difference in the crowds. Maybe it was the result of the cameramen trying to make them look different, but I doubt it. It is not just the color of Conventioneer skin, the variety of dress vs. the lack of variety, that caught my – and the cameraman’s – eye, it was the tenor. The Democrats seemed to be having fun; the Republicans weren’t.

In 1964, I remember talking to my dad about the Republican National Convention that was being held in San Francisco. (I had been to the 1960 Democratic Convention in Los Angeles – not officially – and Los Angeles was one giant party and I had expected San Francisco to be the same.) My dad thought it would be pretty dull saying that the Republicans just didn’t have as much fun; that the Democrats were big spenders, big partiers, while the Republicans were – for lack of a better word – conservative. It turned out that my dad was right, San Francisco was pretty boring during the Convention.

Even more now than in 1964, the Republicans just seem pissed. And full of hate for Obama. Irrational hate.

Yesterday, Obama visited the Big Apple Pizza somewhere in Florida and the exuberant owner – a Republican – picked up Obama. It turns out that he voted for Obama in 2008 and will vote for him again this year. Apparently the Yelposhere went nuts with Conservatives bad-mouthing the pizarra.

Notice how Yelp only published “reviews” from libtards…just goes to show you how biased coverage of the annointed one is. More hate comes from the dumbocrats than anywhere else.

Food was terrible, atmosphere even worse, emplyees were discourteous, was going to bring 500 students there for stop before and after Disneyworld.  After him, a proclaimed Republican, embracing, bearhugging Obama.  Wouldn’t recommend this restaurant even for Obamas Dog, Bo,  Stay away from this place
john John is listed as being from Rockville, MD. Is he so clueless as to think we will believe this is a real review? or is he just so filled with hate?

Horrible food, dirty, rude staff.  Saw roaches crawling around and flies all over the food in the kitchen.  Don’t waste your time or money, unless you enjoy getting sick. From a guy in Tacoma WA.

The pizza left a bad taste in my mouth…. Tasted like poo…God bless America!! Mark, from Lake Forest IL.

I don’t know what bothers and surprises me the most, the hate or the cluelessness. I guess that it is the hate that most surprises me. I expected it even less than the cluelessness. I just didn’t know that there was that much hate out there. To me, Obama is just not that liberal, although I guess that I would qualify as a libtard (umm…should that have a capital “L”, like Libtard?).

Forgetting Obama, forgetting Romney, just going by the crowd, the ones I want to hang out with is the crowd at the Democratic Convention. The crowd having fun, the crowd backing the guy who I want to win. 


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  1. Checking now, the “Yelposhere” as you cleverly called it, has responded with positive reviews and words of support for the owner. Don’t know what the pizzeria had before, but now it has 5 stars on Yelp.

    Here are a couple samples of the latest “reviews”:


    Hopefully my honest four stars will outweigh the fake, negative reviews on here. My mom lives in White City, so we’ve frequented this establishment on several occasions, and trust me, though we’re both conservatives, we’ll still be stopping in whenever we can. Not an Obama fan, but I’d be pretty stoked if he walked through the doors of my pizza place! (Not sure I’d have the balls to bear hug him though)
    Eric M D.
    I LOVE Orlando!
    Ocoee, FL
    I never got around to writing a review for this place, but after the fire storm that happened I figured it could use some reviews from people have eaten there, and know just how wonderful it is.

    I discovered this place after having an amazing appetite after a long day of Kayaking. As it has been said their Stromboli is incredible, and they make the most amazing Pizza Pies!

    After a long day out on the water, and being exhausted, the warm atmosphere, great staff, and terrific food is just what the body needs!

    Also kudos on the bear hug!

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