I’m thrilled that nothing goes away on the web

The San Francisco Police Department wants to us a couple of my photographs in their annual report and I am shocked. Not shocked that they want to use the photographs – well, actually, shocked about that too – even though I do think that it is a pretty good photo of the police at the 2011 LGBT parade – as they call it – but shocked that they found it. I put the pictures in my blog last June where they – apparently – lurked until the Office of the Chief of Police of the San Francisco Police Department found them. That is pretty extraordinary. Well, I guess, today, not extraordinary: just ordinary.

Still for me, shocking. A couple of weeks ago, I did a post on going to Sequoia Hospital for a daily infusion of the antibiotic daptomycin and two days later, the head nurse said that I should be careful not to show anybody’s name in my pictures. It turns out that Sequoia does regular searches to see what people are saying about them on the webs and then referred it to the nurse in the photograph. I know that whatever I put here is available to anybody, but it was still a surprise. And I had a moment of feeling slightly queasy, like seeing a cop car’s redlight going off in my rearview mirror.

As I finish this, the shock has dissipated but the thrill remains. And here is the other picture.





4 thoughts on “I’m thrilled that nothing goes away on the web

  1. Congratulations on the selection of your photographs for an annual report. I do hope you’re being paid as photographers once were in the good old days of the last century.

    As for the hospital, a bit big-brotherish, guess that rises out of the nastiness of online criticisms.

    See you later,


  2. Wow! I guess I had better be REALLY careful what I say on this blog. You are obviously a “person of interest”, so that means I must be a person of interest because I am interested in your blog. So…congrats on having your photos in the annual report…I guess. Are they sending you a copy?

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