What I see as the problem with Science


Richard Taylor sent me a link to an article in the New York Times on extrasensory perception – a couple of days ago – and I have been thinking about it ever since. Not so much the extrasensory perception part, but a quote in the article that  inadvertently points out what I see as the major problem with Science. And with everything else, as far as that goes – the Stern Unified Field Theory on what is wrong . In disagreeing with the results of an experiment, a scientist says Claims that defy almost every law of science are by definition extraordinary and thus require extraordinary evidence.  

What he is really saying is Claims that agree with the already agreed upon laws of science are, by definition, ordinary and do not require much evidence. In other words, if it reinforces the status quo, we start by presuming it is correct. Of course this reinforces the status quo which – then – is used to prove the status quo is right. What ever we are doing, what we believe, is right because we are doing it, because it is our belief structure.




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  1. P.S. By allowing posts only from those who sign in, are you limiting comments to those who share your belief system?

  2. Remind me to read this when I haven’t been to a party and consumed a bit of wine. Makes some sense but not enough right now.
    Must read in the a.m. with caffeine.

  3. It is nice to be one the page with someone, Richard. Your wish in my command, although I am not sure how signing in limits who can sign in.

  4. Science is clear about the things it knows. It’s also pretty clear on the things it knows that it doesn’t know. The Known and the Known Unknown, if you will. These two realms are rational and can be dealt with…scientifically.
    I think where Science has a problem is with the things that it doesn’t know that it doesn’t know. These must be dealt with philosophically. You and Kant can go there, but your average scientist is as lost a techie without a smart phone.

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