This is a shock

I am writing this from my hospital room. Not a place I had expected to be. After feeling punker and punker, and weaker and weaker, and more nauseous and more nauseous; I threw up a lot more blood than I would have guessed I had. I think that Michele had all ready called 911 before I told her I didn't feel good.1

The Woodside Fire Department was there in what seemed like 30 seconds and they called for additional paramedics who were there even faster. Our tax dollars at work.

Here it is 36 hours later and I have had four blood transfusions and have started to walk the halls with the aid of a walker. No longer worried about dying – at least in the foreseeable future.

Steve in Sequoia (1 of 1)


1. As I was deteriorating – earlier – and Michele had kept asking me how I felt and I would say Not so good, or I don't feel very good. Finally, Michele said, Here is the deal, If you say you really don't feel good, we are going to emergency. So I kept hedging.

5 thoughts on “This is a shock

  1. Get the hell better fast! I just gave blood a few weeks ago, I didn’t think you’d be needing it.
    P.S. Love the new main blog image from China.

  2. Oh no! I’m glad you are in capable medical hands at this point. Thanks to Michele for taking good care of you. Hope to hear that soon you’ll be sipping rye with Precious Mae.

  3. Thanks guys, I feel pretty good but I am pretty tired and still can’t get my red blood level high enough – I’ve now had six transfusions – to break out of here.

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