An old Chinese curse: “May you live in Interesting Times”. these are very interesting times.

These are interesting and exciting times. Watching – from a very safe distance – people take to the streets to fight for their freedom is both exciting and scary. The air is thick with possibility and – for me, at least – real democracy in the middle east seems possible. So does a crushing by an entrenched establishment.

In Bahrain, the Formula One race has been cancelled by the government. "Government" mean the "crown prince"  in Bahrain. But he did the right thing and the opportunity for real reform seems possible. Not so much so in Libya and – even – Egypt. One of the things dictators usually do so well is stopping any alternative governmental organisations from forming.

So, in Egypt and Tunisia, people will have to dig their way out of the rubble and form a government out of nothing. Hoping the army doesn't step into the void, hoping the cronies don't keep control and out last the people, hoping the Islamists don't take over. Right now, it all seems so possible, but as Donald Rumsfeld said, "Stuff happens." 


5 thoughts on “An old Chinese curse: “May you live in Interesting Times”. these are very interesting times.

  1. Steve,
    I agree. I was mulling over today how exciting it is to experience even from this distance the revolutions and revolts of the Middle East. My regret at this is that our economy is wobbly and so is my work/financial life.
    Watching, reading and listening to the accounts is exciting, chilling and truly awe-inspiring that people are willing to risk so much.

  2. Your reflections are wonderful but what I love most about this post is the European (or perhaps British I guess) flair of “organisations”.

  3. Thanks, Richard, high praise, coming from you. “Organisations” didn’t look right to me and I kept hitting spell check and it kept saying OK, so I guess it is.

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