The shock of the smug, the righteous…again


I read that Jared Loughner is insane. Duh. To try to kill somebody – to kill people who you don't even know – should be one of the definitions of insane. It seems to me that healthy, ,sane, people don't kill other people.   This jerk-off seems so insane that he is still smirking.

I have always been troubled by insanity as a defense because it presumes that somebody can kill and be sane. That -somehow – taking another person life; that thinking one has the right to take another person's life; seems, to me, insanity in its self. My belief is that his guy is insane and … so what. He didn't know what he was doing, or he couldn't control himself … so what. 

People are dead – most of them just randomly killed – more people have had their lives changed forever. Changed probably for the worse. It is so sad, it is just a goddamn shame.  

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