The New York Times and the Civil War

If I had to give up everything on the internets except one thing; that one thing would be the New York Times. Not so much for its front page news which is pretty interchangeable with alot of other sites – the Los Angeles Times, Al Jazeera,  and The Christian Sciense Monitor, are my favorites – but for all the stuff that is one level down.

One thing that is one level down is a daily column on what is happening  today -  minus one hundred and fifty years – in the Civil War. I really do not know the Civil War very well. I know General Grant pretty well but not what else was happening at the same time, but in a different place. Reading this everyday in the New York Times is fascinating. Everything seems to be happening so slowly and quickly at the same time. It is not at the pace of a history book, it is at the pace of life. Life with lots of different people – with lots of different agendas – doing different things at the same time. Even if you are not interested in the Civil War, check it out.



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