Obama at Tucson

Michele and listened to the memorial at Tucson last night. I think this may have been the first public memorial I have ever watched. I missed both Reagan's Challenger speech and Clinton's Oklahoma bombing speech. I don't know why I usually don't like to listen to these sort of things but did want to hear Obama's comments ( which were billed as being about ten minutes), but I am glad I listened. 

At first I was taken back by the boisterous crowd. I was expecting a church – with hushed, somber, rhetoric -  and I got a basketball arena. But -starting with the opening prayer – I was moved by the whole thing. I thought Obama was at his best and it reminded me of Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech – not so much in the words but in the internal timing of the speech. I was not the only one that felt that way.

But, in the end, it was not so much what Obama said, but the obvious emotion that was so powerful.

2 thoughts on “Obama at Tucson

  1. Just watched Obama’s speech. I liked the emotion and the words. It was good to be reminded that we are a family. I’m happy to have a President who strives to be our moral leader as well as our political leader. Though I’m a big policy-wonk and have a list of policies I want in place, I’m beginning to think that leadership of conscience is more important than policy leadership. I’m grateful we’re getting some of that.

  2. I am a policy wonk myself, Richard, and keep thinking that the right laws will make a difference, but Obama seems to want to make a difference by changing the tone.

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