Northwestern Nevada: day two

For another take on this trip and some beautiful pictures, be sure to check out Peter Kuhlman’s blog. Really! Day one is here and here. My version of day one is below. Now back to the story.

The sun woke us early even though it was still chilly. I peaked out of my bag just long enough to see that it had a nice layer of frost and that Peter was sitting up, taking a picture. Probably of the sunrise, but I wasn’t going to find out this early.  The sun got higher – but still pretty low – the temp got warmer, and we got up. Most of the clouds from yesterday were gone and the day looked very promising.

As we had our morning coffee and tea, looking over the Smoke Creek playa, everything was backlit and the morning was glorious.

We went for a walk up the closest canyon starting by walking through the backlit grass and sage. .

In the canyon, everything was glowing,


Especially the blooming sage. (Probably Salvia dorrii which is a mild hallucinogen when smoked. Backlit, it was pretty hallucinogenic without smoking.)

As we got further up canyon, we ran into pools of water and steeper rock.


And, as we walked up the canyon, we ran into pools of water and steeper cliffs. As an aside, I completely understand why most Arab flags are green. It is a color that is rare in the desert and it should be respected and honored. End aside.


When we had gone about as far as a couple of old men can do without any heroics, we turned around and wandered back to the truck. Back through the grass and lots of hidden rocks.

Then it was down the hill and on to Planet X. Except that – while driving down the dirt road – the steering seemed to lock up while trying to get around a rock. I backed up and tried again and the steering worked fine. Then it locked up again. Again, I backed up and everything was fine. This left me very worried and I was still worried after – at Bruno’s gas station and garage – a mechanic crawled under the front end and said everything was fine.

We pressed on to Planet X.


Planet X is a pottery manufacturer – somehow that is not a good descriptor and potter doesn’t seem to work, either, maybe potter and artists –  owned by Rachel and John Bogard. I stop by about once a year and they don’t really know me, but Michele spent a week there taking a painting class, so they sort of know me through her.  We, also, had to stop by because Planet X is one of the obligatory sights and because they always have a big sale around Memorial Day.   And they make some very nice pottery. Here is one of their pots with whole wheat pasta and roasted tomatoes.


To be continued….and check out Peter’s Blog for a different take on the trip and some very nice pictures.

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