I had no idea

that NASA had such cool posters. Now I find out that  it is a NASA tradition to make a cool poster for each flight. When I was in my twenties and NASA was gearing up, the Astronauts were made to seem as whitebread as possible. This impression  was helped by all the astronauts being white guys – usually military. It was only after reading Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff that I realized this was a group of pretty wild guys. Of course!  They were test pilots. High risk takers. And – apparently – geeks. Check them out.


One thought on “I had no idea

  1. Dude; all well ‘n’ good…but…get us out of Death Valley [!]; this IS cool [f’ing weird, in it’s way] stuff] but, what happened after that last night at the lost burro turnoff?


    more pics? more extreme temperatures?


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