Christmas at Sequoia Hospital

A funny thing happened on the way to Christmas, I ended up in the hospital. It turns out that I have a major blood infection and my fever went up to 103 on Thursday night. They took some blood samples, cooled me down with Tylenol and intravenous fluids and let me go home.  At 7 the next morning, they called to say that my blood was growing a culture and I should come back in, “The sooner the better.”

So here I am, getting antibiotics three or four times a day, intravenously. Much better than any alternative I can think of.




2 thoughts on “Christmas at Sequoia Hospital

  1. Hi, Steve!

    So sorry to witness you and Michelle go through an experience that echoes my own. I’ve become very knowledgeable about septic infection and atrial fib in the last couple of months…and I assume your infection explains your a-fib. Take your meds, and behave yourself…I will watch with interest and add you to my overflowing altar and prayer practice. A heart infection is serious.


  2. I tell ya, Steve….some people will do anything to get out of celebrating the holidays…take care…I think it’s your turn to buy sushi.

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