An animal video

Like almost everything, when we think about animals, we think in stereotypes. And, like almost everything, the animals are individuals. My stereotype of cobras – especially King Cobras – is of an almost relentless killing machine. This is partly because – when I was young, say about ten – I read in a book on big game hunting in Africa that snakes killed more people than any other animal and that has stuck with me.

As an aside, about that time, my mother – as a conscience and continuing act of self improvement – was going to lunches in which the entertainment was a lecture by an author hawking their book. I would often end up with the book and they were often a book I would otherwise never have read. In this case, it was a book by – what was called in those days – a White Hunter. I don’t remember the author’s name or the book title, but the subtitle was The truth about animals lying in wait and hunters lying in print. All I remember about the book – aside from it being a fascinating look into a world I had no idea existed – was that the author claimed the Cape Buffalo was the most dangerous animal to hunt and the snake meme. End aside.

So, I know King Cobras to be ruthless killing machines. Of course they are not; they are more like ruthless scaring machines trying to save their venom to be used against something they will eat, like a Rat Snake.  Knowing that doesn’t make this video any less scary.


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