A case for drones



Yesterday, I was driving along, listening to NPR’s All Things Considered, and they started  started talking about the famine in Somalia. It turns out that a group called al shabaab is blocking people starving to death from getting food. According to the New York Times more than 500,000 children [are ] on the brink of starvation.

It just enrages me. For nothing more than the personal gain of some of their leaders, and by using Islam as a justification, they are starving people to death. They are even killing NGOs that are trying to help. My first thought – and I probably yelled it out loud in  the car –  was Just kill the sons of bitches, we ought to go over and just shoot em! Then, I realized that is exactly what we are doing with our drone program. We are just killing the sons of bitches! In Afghanistan, in Pakistan, Yemen, and now Somalia.

Of course we are not positive that they are the right sons of bitches and the whole point of International Law – hell, any law – is to prevent people from killing who ever they want. But that is besides the point.



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