What a landing looks like from the front window of the shuttle.

The space shuttle Atlantis returned from orbit from orbit, a couple of days ago. For the last time. It didn't even make the front page of the New York Times.
I am not a shuttle fan. I think that the shuttle and the space station have a symbiotically wasteful relationship.

The space station – which does almost nothing useful except prove man can stay in space for awhile if we spend enough money – justifies the space shuttle by giving it a place to go. The space shuttle – which does almost nothing except give a very small group of highly motivated, over competent, pilots and technicians the ride of their lives at our expense – justifies the space station by having a place to go.  

But that is just my opinion and it is the end of an era. This video is a little slow but what a great way to come home from a vacation (or three day weekend)! Probably the best thing is to double click to take you through to You Tube because, for some reason way beyond my expertize, the picture is too big here.


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