We have a houseguest

Toby 1-3935

Michele's sister is going to Europe for a month, living the good life. Michele has agreed to take care of her – her being Michele's sister – cat, Toby, while she – Michele's sister, again – is away. So far, Toby is a charmer, he is very friendly and very cute, in a goofy sort of way.

Yesterday, I left for a couple of hours, leaving him in the house but with the door to the porch open so he could go out and admire the view. When I came home, he had jumped off the porch – more than a six foot jump – and had commandeered our neighbor's old Alfa. But, when I called him, he ran over and followed me back into the house. 

He is fascinated by the toilet flushing or faucets running. As soon as he hears them, he come over to investigate.

Toby at sink-3933

It is great that he is here for a month and even greater that he will be gone in a month.

5 thoughts on “We have a houseguest

  1. At first glance on FB, I thought, “Wow, the Universe has delivered a THIRD cat to Steve and Michele. That is amazing.
    My mother’s new cat, too, loves to check out the toilet upon flushing. Can’t say it’s anything that interest me but then I’m not a cat.
    I continue to enjoy your posts.

  2. Thanks , Laura. I’m with you, watching the toilet flush is not as interesting as watching TV which seems to boor Toby although, if the TV broke, who knows?
    Fortunately, he doesn’t like watch videos, Richard. Although, who knows, he might like a video of a toilet.

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