Two young women at Lake Tenaya

Driving back from my trip to the east side of the Sierras, driving by Lake Tenaya, I saw two women rock climbers walking towards their climb.

After I took their picture and started to drive away, they turned and I saw them from the back, looking at their guide, and asked for another picture.



When I saw them with their ropes and hardware, their helmets; I was struck with how young and vulnerable* they seemed, graceful and delicate; and macho. I was reminded of several things at once: my daughter's soccer team calling themselves macha, Lynn Hill, and the whole new story of young, kick-ass women.

*when I commented to them on that, they took exception, saying that they were not vulnerable – but, of course, the opposite of vulnerable is invulnerable, impenetrable, untouchable and they seemed to be none of that – so I am going to stick with vulnerable.

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