The hills are alive with…

green. But only at this time of year, when the grasses are so green they look fake and the Oaks are leafing out with, psychedelic, leaves. 

The picture above was taken on the way to the Carrizo Plain. The picture below was taken about 25 feet off of 280 between Sandhill and Alpine. Four miles from my home. Two hundred miles apart in the Coast Range.    


When I walked up to the field to take the picture, above, I scared a bunch of
horses so much that one fell over as it tried to run away. It sort of
scared me – I had never actually seen a horse fall over before, except
in the movies – and, for a moment, I imagined that the horse was hurt.
Then he/she/or it jumped up and came over to investigate.


And I began to realize that the horses were what was happening and to take pictures of something else was foolish.

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