Strange bedfellows department

Because of a dead battery, I had to abandon my old Range Rover at a Park and Ride, in San Jose, last Saturday night. Michele said she would give me a ride back down to the Park and Ride and a jump start for  a xlb lunch – xiaolong bao  Shanghai dumplings – on the way.  We decided to try a new place that had great reviews – Shanghai Dim Sum 19066 Stevens Creek Boulevard in Cupertino.

As we got close, Michele realized that it was next door to a Muslim grocery store that she liked. Among other things, they have halal meat. We are trying to be more conscience about eating meat by – among other things – eating meat that has been humanely raised. To be halal, meat has to come from humanely-handled halal animals so it is a good fit for us. And – big bonus – they have goat which is not that easy to find, even in Mexican groceries.


They also have halal chicken. Raised by – and this is the punchline -  Amish farmers. 

As an after comment: as per one of my favorite recipes, we salted a couple of chicken legs and thighs, dusted them with paprika, added a little lemon,  put them in the oven on top of a bed of quartered potatoes , and roasted them. They tasted much better than your  average free range, organic chicken.  





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  1. Steve,
    Late on Thanksgiving and I found this blog; remind me to tell you about my brother Scott and his experience with the halal chicken guy.

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