“Saudi Arabia wants the US to attack Iran”….duh!

The more I read about and hear American diplomats – like Hillary – talk about how bad the Wikileaks leak is, the more I think it is good. Or, maybe, just ho hum. Maybe not in detail, but, in general, everything that I read about the leaks had already been leaked.


"The Hamid Karzai government is corrupt." "President Sargozy is thin skinned." "Saudi Arabia wants the US to attack Iran"….duh!

Take the last one. Here is a country that just made the largest arms buy ever made: it includes 84 Boeing F-15 fighter jets and more than 100 attack helicopters. Why? Not to take on Israel or protect itself from Iraq. It has to be to protect itself from Iran. Of course it would like us, or Israel, to take out Iran. And here is where it gets complex.

The rub is, suposidly, that the Saudi's can't publicly  say we are OK with Israel but not – fellow Muslim nation – Iran; because the citizen wouldn't stand for it.  But the citizens already do know. The arms deal was on the front page of Al Jazeera, after all and most people knew before that. Some Saudi citizens were probably pissed about the arms deal and up'ed their contributions to Al Qaeda, others agreed to continue to pretend they didn't know, still others didn't really give a shit.

We are outraged that this is now out in the public area. Outraged at how much harder it is to do doplomicy. Outraged, I guess, that it makes it harder to pretend the public doesn't know what the government is pretending not to do. Come on.




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