Precious Mai – also known as Athena – in situ

Precious Mai  is an outside animal and I am a little jealous. During the day, if it is not raining, she is outside. She makes periodic, but pretty random,  sorties back into the house for feedings with the understanding that, once in the house, she will have to endure a full body patdown lasting for several minutes.

And she seems to be OK with that if it doesn't last too long; it is just that she would just rather be outside, thank you very much.

Anytime she comes in after 8:00pm, she is locked in. (Although she can go out on the deck overlooking the street [in the daytime she will jump off, but not at night].) When we are eating dinner, she  will just sort of hang out – in the next room – on our couch. Slightly disgruntled when awake but adorable when asleep.






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