Passing through San Francisco….slowly

We went to a dear friend's birthday party on Saturday and, on Sunday, we came back home through San Francisco. It was a gorgeous spring day and I had a gig, from Michele, to shoot two very inexpensive hotels in North Beach. So we decided to grab a bite in a Chinese restaurant and make an afternoon of it.


North Beach,  probably all of San Francisco, was packed with natives and tourists enjoying the day. Including us. After we finally found a place to park, I remembered a near-by restaurant that was a pretty good, unknown, hole in the wall. But, by the time we got there, I also remembered that I hadn't been there for 20 to 25 year. Approximately 65 years in restaurant years. 



It was still there, on the corner, identified by a large Coke Cola  sign, and the food was still pretty good. Afterwards, we spent the next couple of hours wandering around San Francisco, shooting hotels. We shot the first hotel in North Beach and then went to shot the second hotel which overlooked Washington Square which, somehow, we both thought was Portsmouth Square.So, we wandered off to Portsmouth Square, 


in Chinatown, where the locals were playing cards and Weiqi – I think – and listening to music in from the A Better Chinatown Tomorrow – a rift on John Woo's A Better Tomorrow, again, I think – concert. Probably a great place to hang out, but, the second we got there, we both knew we were at the wrong square. Michele summed it up best, I'll bet Washington Square is the square where The Washington Square Bar and Grill is. Duh! 

So we wandered back to North Beach through Chinatown – where we saw alot of American cars, just like the real China, a nice touch – enjoying the day and the North Beach Fair – where the Brazilian contingent was very happy to be eating at the Saigon Barbecue or something.


Finally, pictures in hand, we went back to the car. But, not before we saw a pride of parked motorcycles – mostly Harleys. There was a nicely detailed Victory and the best looking Harley I have ever seen. I don't want to give the impression that I am a Harley Davidson fan because I am not. But this bike was terrific.



All in all, a fine last day of spring and a reminder of why we love San Francisco.




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