One reason we are a throw away society


When I got my new computer, I opted not to get the speakers. I had a set of Sony speakers including a big base unit that sits on the floor -  that worked great. But then – then being too late -I discovered the Sony speakers had a special plug that wouldn't fit in the new HP.

I cut the wires on the speakers and, also, on a compatible plug we had. But the wires are too thin for my wire strippers to work and stripping them with a knife just made a mess. So I went to Fry's to get an replacement power cord that would work. While Fry's didn't have a cord that would work, they did have a power cord kit with a variety of ends, one of which would work with the Sony. Maybe.

The kit was for low wattage and I didn't know for sure if it would work with the speakers which were still at home. And, it cost 44 bucks. Three aisles over, new sets of speakers started at $28.95. Of course I had no idea if the speakers would be any good. I bought the third "upgrade" for $35.95 figuring they would be OK if not spectatular. They are.

It just became more work than I wanted to do to do the right thing.


2 thoughts on “One reason we are a throw away society

  1. No kidding! It makes me a bit nuts but I’m with you. At some point it’s not worth the time. I threw away an office chair that had one broken wheel. After 3 trips to caster stores – only to be told that my wheels were metric and they only carried american. Finally, I gave up too, tossed the chair, and bought a new one.

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